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DAREconsulting was officially founded in Spring 2008 after successful completion of different consulting and implementation mandates in the Relief and Development areas. This experience together with a background of social-science, business administration and civilian peacebuilding builds the foundation of DAREconsulting. Through the increasing numbers of catastrophes and natural disasters as well as different conflicts, the need to develop and implement more complex and innovative programmes has grown. The strategy of DAREconsulting is to support your programmes and projects to guarantee a sustainable and aim oriented impact.

Debora Aust @

CEO & Head Consultant

“I take pleasure in working with culture diverse teams, where my ability for team building, support and strengthen of existing capacity is required. I enjoy to solve problems and difficult tasks through an open discussion, coordination with all involved parties and to find a productive and sustainable solution, this includes to work exact, independently, to adapt to new situations easily and to keep abreast of new developments.”

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Master in Cultural Anthropology/Sociology, Bachelor in Business Administration and CAS in Civilian Peacebuilding and specialist in (systematic) organisational consulting.

Development and Relief Consultant with varied working experience allover Asia and Africa in conflict areas, emergency and development programmes, which included programme design, training, policy formation, community development, conflict sensitivity, emergency and post-disaster management as well as evaluations, with a special interest in organisational consulting & processes development, health, social development, monitoring and evaluation (MEAL) and relief/rehabilitation programmes.

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Master of Speech Science

Speech Teacher & Clinical Linguist with background in adult education and project work.

Philipp Riegels @

Project-Teammember IQ Information Center for skilled Labour Immigration

 “I enjoy working in communicative teams where there is room for openness to new ideas. I am happy to provide advice and support to those seeking advice and to build intercultural bridges.”

Annette Lubasch @

Project-Teammember IQ Information Center for skilled Labour Immigration

„I appreciate result-oriented and independent work in an environment where one feels comfortable, with a team in which everyone contributes his or her special skills to achieve common goals. Common values are essential for me.”“

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Dipl. Betriebswirt (FH) with work experience in the entire office management, event management, controlling, program and project management, especially the handling of grant applications and accounting.

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Diploma as medical educator, Master in intercultural relationship and migration, Paramedic and high-level expert in European Civil Protection
Trainer and multiplier in health- and civil protection programmes focusing on countries of the global south and the subject First-Responder and reconstruction of rescue service systems. Additionally, consultant for vocational training within municipal development & empowerment economics as well as supporting networks and programmes in migration and labour market integration.

Marcus Aust

Trainer & Consultant

The most important insight I learned through my long lasting (inter-)-national work, is that resource management has to enable empowerment and not be varnished with expert knowledge. The use of national resources enables sustainability and the possibility to act on one’s own requirements.