skillook is completely free for you as a talent! Simply download the app from the app store and get started.

Yes, your data is safe. All data is handled according to the current standards of the privacy policy. You, as a talent, can decide yourself which data you pass on to the companies. Your profile will only be released after your confirmation. You can find more information in our data protection.

Companies can only see your profile once you have approved it.

skillook places no limits on the diversity of companies. All industries worldwide can be found here.

You can delete your skillook account at any time as follows: log in to skillook and go to “Profile”. Further on you will find the link to delete your account.

Log in to your skillook account and go to your profile. In edit mode, you can add skills/advanced skills in the search bar. In the same section, you can deactivate the skills that are no longer current by clicking on them (the green background colour disappears).

If you still cannot find your desired skill among the many available skills, send us an email (skills@skillook.com) with details of the skill you would like to have added. We will then add it.

You can report inactive or dubious companies to us under “Report”. Simply press the three dots in the company profile and tell us the reason for the report. We can then block it after checking it.


skillook lives from active talents and companies worldwide! However, if there are inactive or dubious talents on the platform, they can be reported to us under the “three-point tab” in the talent profile. We can then block them after checking.

For companies, the monthly fee is CHF 9.95 plus VAT for Swiss companies. Any number of jobs can be posted.

Payment is made conveniently and securely via our skillook online tool. Before the first job is switched on, the online payment screen appears. There you can pay the monthly amount with a credit card. An invoice is then automatically generated and sent to the registered email address.

After the end of the month, the subscription is automatically renewed at the monthly fee of 9.95CHF (plus VAT for Swiss companies) until it is cancelled.

The skills entered are decisive for the success of the match. The algorithm connects the matching skills of the talents with the required skills of the companies and reports a match.

skillook does not impose any industry or geographical limitations on the registration of talents. This means that talents with the most diverse skills can be found worldwide.

For German and Swiss companies, DAREconsulting offers advice on legal immigration options and labour market integration. Feel free to contact us or get more information here.

The skillook company account can be deleted at any time as follows: Log in to skillook and under “edit profile” you will find the link to delete the account.

Important: deleting the company account does not automatically cancel the monthly subscription. It will continue until it is cancelled independently.

Yes, the data is secure. All data is handled according to current privacy policy standards. The company decides which talent to contact – by selecting them as a favourite and by starting with the chat module. The talents can decide themselves which data should be passed on to the companies. Further information can be found in our data protection.

If the desired skill/occupation cannot be found among the many skills and occupations available, send us an email (skills@skillook.com) stating the skill and/or occupation to be added. We will then add it.

In the skillook account, under published jobs, required skills/abilities can be added or deleted. This way, the job profile is always up to date. In edit mode, skills/advanced skills can be added in the search bar. In the same section, skills that are no longer current can be deactivated by clicking on them (the green background colour disappears).

Attention: if skills are added or deleted after a successful match, the previously found talents will no longer be displayed. Instead, new talents are matched with the new skillset.