Financial tips for SMEs - Return to normality

02.06.2020 – Müllrose / Brandenburg

The article is an interview with Markiyan Yanyshevskyy, consultant at the IQ Information Centre for Skilled Migration at DAREconsulting GmbH


Personnel marketing & international recruiting in Märkisch-Oderland companies as a strategic challenge for managers, an important trend

20.11.2019 – Eisenhüttenstadt / Brandenburg

The article is an interview between DE-PL Service- und BeratungsCentrum  der Euroregion POMERANIA c/o STIC Wirtschaftsfördergesellschaft  Märkisch-Oderland mbH and Debora Aust, Managing Director of  DAREconsulting GmbH


Conference "Finding skilled labour for the healthcare industry? Rethinking! Thinking globally!

20.11.2019 – Eisenhüttenstadt / Brandenburg

The article discribes the focus and content of the conference and was held during the “Woche der beruflichen Chancen” in Eisenhüttenstadt / Brandenburg.


Intercultural Training for municipal employees of Bad Oeynhausen

25.-26.11.2017 – Bad Oeynhausen

Report on the intercultural training of kita employees & teachers in Bad Oeynhausen.


Succesful support & implementation of EMT real life scenario training with the WHO for JUH & ASB

14.-16.10.2016 – Celle / Lower Saxony

The articles are writen by the journalists accompaning the fieldcamp/the exsercise. They focus on the EMT process of the WHO of the exercise…

Johanniter Newsletter worldwide
Celle Zeitung

Pilot Training for Refugee-Supporter

17.-18.12.2015 – Berlin

The publication details the Pilot Training in Berlin.

Johanniter Akademie Berlin

Succesful implementation of the Johanniter Fieldcamp!

17-19.10.2014 – Upper Lusatia

The articles are writen by the journalists accompaning the fieldcamp. They focus on the medical part of the exercise…


Flood Disaster in Pakistan

05. 10. 2010 – SRF Schweizer Radio

Radio interview in German focuses on the situation in Pakistan after the flood.


Swiss Lady in Pakistan

16. 08. 2010 – 20minuten

Report on the immediate humanitarian aid activities conducted by Debora Neumann.

Newspaper article in German