INQA-Coaching - the employee-oriented consulting programme for SMEs - We are new INQA-Coach !

We are now also certified INQA coaches and support SMEs in the programme funded by BAMS through the ESF Plus funding guideline.

For many companies it is a challenge to keep up with the pace of change in the world of work. INQA-Coaching helps companies with up to 249 employees to find tailor-made measures. Up to 80 percent of the consulting costs can be covered. Find out everything you need to know about INQA coaching here and take an active approach to change in your company! More information at INQA-Coaching.

Happy new home: Hospital Bernau

01.07.2022 – Ugandan Duncan Muhumira is successfully starting as assistant physician in pediatrics and adolescent medicine. A long and very difficult path through various authorities, combined with residence title changes, has fortunately led to a positive conclusion with the help of the IQ Info Center.


FachkräfteTag Potsdam 2021"Looking for skilled workers? The IQ Carefree Package helps".

16.09.2021 – FachkräfteTag Potsdam 2021 / Brandenburg

This short presentation will give an overview of the support that Brandenburg companies and international skilled workers can receive from the IQ InfoCenter with regard to the immigration and integration of skilled workers. Based on a clear systematic presentation and concrete tips, the support path from recruitment to immigration to sustainable integration in the company will be presented.


Escape from Ukraine: Information for Employers

29.04.2022 – Frankfurt (Oder) / Brandenburg

The current situation surrounding Ukraine leads to a lot of uncertainty in regards to employing Ukrainian refugees. Is employment possible and legal? Do refugees need to apply for asylum? Are there ways to support to refugees and employers?
The most important info for small and medium-sized enterprises can be found in our info sheet!


#DDT21 5 practical tips for diversity design in the company !

18.05.2021 – German Diversity Day 2021 #DDT21 / Brandenburg

IQ Information Center for Skilled Migration presents 5 practical tips for diversity in the company.

In a 5-minute video, practical tips are presented that establish more diversity in the company easily and with little effort. These measures can be extended to sustainably establish diversity in company structures.


Interactive SME Online course "Diversity-oriented personnel work"

01.04.2021 – Muellrose / Brandenburg

Interactive SME Online course “Diversity-oriented personnel work”
Find and retain skilled workers – create diversity in your company. This free online course from the IQ funding program will help you do just that.  In just three easy-to-understand lessons.


The new brochure "Das kleine 1x1 zur Fachkräfteeinwanderung - Wegweiser für Unternehmen" is now online!

09.12.2020 – Müllrose / Brandenburg

To help employers who wish to recruit skilled workers from abroad find their way around the multitude of paragraphs and responsibilities, we have created this practical guide to skilled worker immigration.
It offers concrete case studies from practice, showing the ideal course and expected duration of an immigration procedure as well as the respective responsibilities.


New sheet in the Toolbox for SMEs: From the start! Social integration in the company incl. Family reunification!

12.02.2021 – SME Toolbox / Brandenburg

SME Toolbox “Interculture & Diversity”: New sheet which includes Family reunification
In the context of demographic change and the growing need for skilled workers, more and more companies, administrations and organisations are gearing their human resources work towards skilled workers with a migration background, from international countries or refugees.
In this context, we would like to point out the SME Toolbox “Interculture & Diversity in the Workplace” with its new sheet of the “Family reunification” tipps:


Since September 2020 successful certified as ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditor for QMS!

21.09.2020 – Müllrose / Brandenburg

The global introduction of the ISO 9000 series has created a high demand for qualified quality management auditors. To be effective and of real benefit to customers and suppliers, the auditor must have a clear understanding of the requirements of the ISO 9000 series of standards and build their audit process in a meaningful and understandable way, Debora Aust has successfully demonstrated this and has been a certified Lead Auditor for Quality Management Systems since September 2020.


Personnel marketing & international recruiting in Märkisch-Oderland companies as a strategic challenge for managers, an important trend

20.11.2019 – Eisenhüttenstadt / Brandenburg

The article is an interview between DE-PL Service- und BeratungsCentrum  der Euroregion POMERANIA c/o STIC Wirtschaftsfördergesellschaft  Märkisch-Oderland mbH and Debora Aust, Managing Director of  DAREconsulting GmbH


Conference "Finding skilled labour for the healthcare industry? Rethinking! Thinking globally!

20.11.2019 – Eisenhüttenstadt / Brandenburg

The article discribes the focus and content of the conference and was held during the “Woche der beruflichen Chancen” in Eisenhüttenstadt / Brandenburg.


Intercultural Training for municipal employees of Bad Oeynhausen

25.-26.11.2017 – Bad Oeynhausen

Report on the intercultural training of kita employees & teachers in Bad Oeynhausen.


Succesful support & implementation of EMT real life scenario training with the WHO for JUH & ASB

14.-16.10.2016 – Celle / Lower Saxony

The articles are writen by the journalists accompaning the fieldcamp/the exsercise. They focus on the EMT process of the WHO of the exercise…

Johanniter Newsletter worldwide
Celle Zeitung

Pilot Training for Refugee-Supporter

17.-18.12.2015 – Berlin

The publication details the Pilot Training in Berlin.

Johanniter Akademie Berlin

Succesful implementation of the Johanniter Fieldcamp!

17-19.10.2014 – Upper Lusatia

The articles are writen by the journalists accompaning the fieldcamp. They focus on the medical part of the exercise…


Flood Disaster in Pakistan

05. 10. 2010 – SRF Schweizer Radio

Radio interview in German focuses on the situation in Pakistan after the flood.


Swiss Lady in Pakistan

16. 08. 2010 – 20minuten

Report on the immediate humanitarian aid activities conducted by Debora Neumann.

Newspaper article in German