Calcutta Project Basel


The Calcutta Project Basel was established in 1991 by students of the University of Basel. The underlying idea was to make a personal contribution to improve the conditions of underprivileged persons in a world full of social injustice. In close cooperation with our Indian partner organization, SB Devi Charity Home (SBDCH), several programmes for the improvement of the local medical basic care have been established in Kolkata.

In this frame, a research mandate was given to:

  • the socio-economic surrounding of „malkins“ (female owner of prostitutes) in their red light area, Sonagachi, in Kolkata. The aim of the research was to improve the social as well as the health situation of the target people.


Along the above mentioned areas, the following tasks were conducted during 2004:

  • Development of a research outline and discussion with the Calcutta Project management as well as with the national partner in Calcutta.
  • The data was collected with biographic, qualitative interviews and transcribed.
  • Observation reports and photographic documentation where possible.
  • Final research report, with recommendations.


After the conduction of the tasks the following results could be successfully achieved:

  • Final accepted research report, including recommendations on further improving the health situation through recognition of the socio-economical surrounding of the prostitutes.