Coca-Cola Germany


Assignment to improve and redefine new distribution channels for Non-Coke beverage. Coca-Cola Germany mandated us through the Graduate School of Business Administration, Zurich to analysis of all existing distribution channels on a logistic, financial human resources and economical levels to redefine new distribution channels.


Along the above mentioned areas, the following tasks were conducted in the timeframe between 2008:

  • Desk study of the existing channels and includes in the assessment interviews of all respective personnel.
  • Development of new possible distribution channels, including unconventional options.
  • Conclude the findings in a report and a final presentation to the board of management of Coca-Cola Germany.


After the conduction of the tasks the following results could be successfully achieved:

  • Acceptance and implementation of the findings in the report.
  • Winning of the Business School Award 2008 for the best solution.