Diakonie Emergency Aid


In December 2003 a devastating earthquake hit the oasis Bam south-east of Iran, which killed thousands and destroyed nearly all houses and infrastructure. Diakonie was running its humanitarian aid reconstruction programme and needed in this frame the following tasks full filled:

  • Set-up the office in Bam
  • Development and implementation of the operational system.
  • Training of national staff for sustainable running of the operation.
  • Backstopping the country programme.


Along the above mentioned areas, the following tasks were conducted during 2004:

  • Renting premises, equip the office with necessary equipment, arrange the needed logistics and hiring adequate national staff.
  • Design and participative discussion on the operational system and integration of already existing practice. Discussion on the main changes with all levels of the management.
  • Evaluation of the existing tools and standards and adjusting them to the situation in Bam/Iran.
  • Hiring, developing and conducting trainings for national staff.


After the conduction of the tasks the following results could be successfully achieved:

  • Full fletched running office, which supports successfully the reconstruction programme in Bam.
  • Successful running of the full operation system with trained national staff.
  • Established operation procedures, adjusted at the country regulations of Iran.