Diversity-oriented personnel management in the Luckenwalde municipal administration

f.l.t.r. Stephan Gruschwitz, Anke Habelmann, Fateh Fallouh

Project management & integration support for the Welcome Center of the city of Luckenwalde

In times of a shortage of skilled workers – especially in the city administration – good and diverse HR work is particularly important. We therefore decided to have DAREconsulting analyce our strengths and weaknesses in the areas of personnel recruitment and development. The ten recommendations for action derived from this analysis helped and supported us in opening our eyes to new, more diverse potential employees.


The Luckenwalde municipal administration employs around 200 people, including trainees, in the various administrative and service areas. In the area of recruitment, there are regularly vacancies that are becoming increasingly difficult to fill. There is also an increased desire to recruit people with a history of migration as employees and trainees. There is staff turnover, albeit within limits. Here, the biggest competition for recruitment is the district as an employer, which also has the administrative office in the town of Luckenwalde, but can pay better wages. For this reason, DAREconsulting was commissioned to develop key areas of action designed for diversity-oriented personnel recruitment and development. The areas of action are based on the INQA check “Personnel Management”.


The aim of the jointly developed recommendations for action was based on the following principles:

1. Representativeness: a diverse workforce reflects the diversity of citizens in the city, leading to increased credibility and acceptance of the administration.
2. Innovation and creativity: Different backgrounds and perspectives generate different ideas and approaches, leading to innovative and creative solutions to urban challenges.
3. Customer proximity and service orientation: A diverse workforce enables better identification with the needs and concerns of the various population groups, which leads to improved service and higher customer satisfaction.
4. Job satisfaction and retention: Employees and trainees feel valued and respected in an inclusive environment, leading to higher job satisfaction and retention.
5. Positive image cultivation: A city administration that values and promotes diversity strengthens its image as an open, tolerant and progressive institution, which in turn increases the city’s attractiveness as a place to live and work.
Overall, the key areas of action should lead to diversity-oriented HR management in order to create a dynamic and inclusive city administration that meets the needs of its diverse population and promotes the positive development of the city.


After a successful support process, the following results were achieved:

  • Needs assessment & analysis of the current situation (based on the INQA check)
  • Action plan for the implementation of diversity-oriented HR management, including timetable
  • Basic principles for the further training plan for employees and trainees in the area of “intercultural competence”