Manuela Heyn

Head of the Training Department for Surgical Technical / Anaesthesia Technical Assistance
Health Campus Potsdam

“I am really pleased when Debora Aust from DAREconsulting is here and, among other things, trains our trainees in intercultural competence for anaesthesia and surgical assistants. The consistently positive feedback from the trainees shows great pleasure in the content, good practical implementation and praise for her as a competent and sympathetic lecturer”.


In the field of intercultural competence development adapted to the health sector, DAREconsulting has been supporting the following companies for over three years:

For the Potsdam Health Campus/Health Academy of the Erst von Bergmann Clinic, a training concept for intercultural competence development was developed for the OTA/ATA courses and implemented year after year to ensure that cooperation in a diverse team is guaranteed from the start of training. The concept was developed modularly by DAREconsulting and can be freely adapted to the needs and level of knowledge of the participants.

Against the background of demographic change, companies are looking for alternatives to secure skilled labour. On the other hand, the number of people with a migration background in Brandenburg is continuously increasing and will continue to grow in the future. However, the labour market integration of people with a migration background is not yet a matter of course due to a lack of experience on the part of companies.

The DRK Kreisverband Fläming Spreewald e.V. was supported with the aim of establishing a sustainable welcome and lead culture for the Albanian care workers and thus to make their arrival and integration easier.


Based on the above-mentioned areas, the following tasks were carried out:

Health Campus Potsdam – Training of OTA/ATA training classes.

  • Training concept – development of a modular training with practical examples in the areas: specific country situations and intercultural communication and conflict management
  • Development of examination questions

DRK District Association Flämig-Spreewald e.V.

Preparing companies for recruitment (legal options), the entry of foreign employees in order to make the recruitment and retention processes as smooth as possible and to maximise the benefits of intercultural competences for the success of the company

  • Identifying qualification needs in the area of intercultural human resources development and diversity management
  • Demand-oriented training in in-house formats on the following topics:
    Intercultural competence, communication and conflict resolution
  • Multilingualism in the company – handling and benefits


Leiter der Johanniter Akademie

Following the successful completion of the tasks, the following results were achieved:

Health Campus Potsdam

  • A training concept – with all modules, practical examples and documentation for immediate implementation
  • Successfully implemented training courses in various year groups
  • Possibilities for adaptation based on the course evaluations

DRK District Association Fläming-Spreewald e.V.

  • Successful implementation of intercultural competence training for staff members
  • Successful introduction of a mentoring scheme for the better integration of Albanian care workers