Securing skilled labour & diversity management at Priedemann

Mikaelo Fiebig

HR Management

“We are very glad to have benefited from the services of DAREconsulting. The professional and close guidance through the bureaucratic jungle of skilled labor immigration was a great help to us. Also during the further integration of our new employees, the support was always inspiring, demand-oriented and constructive.
Looking to the future, we are glad to know such dedicated and competent contact persons on the subject of skilled labor immigration.”


Wolfgang Priedemann founded the company of the same name in 1993. Since then, suitable facades have been developed, constructed and implemented with high standards. In the meantime, this has been done on a global stage and with a large number of specialists ranging from architects and building physicists to programmers.

But Priedemann is also aware of the shortage of skilled workers. With the support of DAREconsulting, many qualified international specialists have already been recruited. However, the process does not end with recruitment. Bringing different cultures together under one roof is not a straightforward and simple undertaking. After all, the newly acquired specialists should feel at home in an international company and contribute to facade planning in the long term.


The goal of the intensive support was multi-layered: Not only were the best possible and fastest immigration paths to be shown and accompanied through the individually different procedures; the path to further and essential integration of the new employees was also to be paved. This includes, among other things, individual German courses. These were adapted to the different language starting levels of the employees.


After a successful support process, the following results were achieved:

  • Accompaniment through the accelerated skilled worker procedure according to § 81a AufenthG for several international skilled workers.
    • Explanation of procedure, requirements and review of all necessary documents
  • Needs assessment & analysis of the current situation
  • Arrangement of a tailor-made German course for the employees
  • Development of an integration concept