Moderation of the conference "Improving the labor market integration of people with a history of migration"

Dina Ulrich

Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labor and Energy of the State of Brandenburg
Department 52: Labor Market Integration & Skilled Workers

“Debora Aust moderated the symposium in a charming and confident manner. In the afternoon, Debora Aust also conducted interviews with the moderators of the table sessions, where her very good knowledge of the topic of labor market integration of people with a history of migration was very helpful.”.


DAREconsulting’s extensive experience in the field of “securing international skilled workers and labor market integration” allowed it to take over the moderation of the following symposium:

Against the backdrop of demographic change, companies are looking for alternatives to secure skilled workers. On the other hand, the number of people with a migration background in Brandenburg is continuously increasing and will continue to grow in the future. However, the labor market integration of people with a migration background is not yet a matter of course due to a lack of experience on the part of companies. The Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Energy (MWAE) has therefore organized a symposium in cooperation with the Innovation Bank of the State of Brandenburg (ILB) to focus on the challenges.

On March 19, 2024, a symposium entitled Improving the labor market integration of people with a history of migration was held at the State Chancellery of Brandenburg in Potsdam. Around 130 participants attended, including independent providers, representatives of local authorities, integration officers, chambers, job centers and companies. After the presentations in the morning, the participants of the symposium had the opportunity to get actively involved and exchange ideas with each other in the afternoon in so-called table sessions. The rooms were divided up in such a way that there were a total of eight focus areas, with attendees able to focus on one topic before and after the lunch break. The eight existing topics were discussed intensively and the most important results were then presented.


Based on the above-mentioned focal points, the moderation included the following:

  • Steering the discussion: keeping the discussion focused and on topic of the conference.
  • Time management: making sure that all planned program items stay within the time frame.
  • Involving all participants: enabling active participation and taking diverse perspectives into account.
  • Promoting a respectful climate: create an atmosphere in which all participants feel comfortable and can express their opinions freely.
  • Summary and synthesis: compile the most important points and concisely summarize the results of the discussion. This is based on interviews with the moderators of the discussion groups.
  • Supporting the speakers: setting the stage for a successful presentation, introducing the speakers and helping them to communicate their content clearly.


The symposium was a ground-breaking event. Through professional and empathetic facilitation, we created an atmosphere that allowed participants to share their views and ideas freely. With a balanced mix of expertise and empathy, we steered the discussions to bring out relevant challenges and innovative solutions. This successful event showed how good moderation enriches the exchange and paves the way for effective labor market integration.

The participants of the symposium rated the overall moderation as very good with a (school) grade of 1.7.
How would you rate the overall moderation of the event?

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