"Solid experience - strong performance"

DAREconsulting offers you excellent support to achieve your aims. In the first consulting session we analyze your requirements, parameters and specifications. With this a professional, individual and innovative position-analysis can be made, which offers new ways for the implementation of future and ongoing programmes and strategies, outlines the target achievements of programmes and develops solutions for your organisation. It is our obligation to connect you with our network and partners to bring you to your targets. The improvement and sustainability of your ideas and concepts is our vision. DAREconsulting has experienced specialists, who keep themselves abreast with new technologies and knowledge. We spare no efforts to collect the knowledge needed for your specific solutions. We work with external specialists and partner to reach your expectations.

Strategy & Concept Development


Emergency Care

Organisational Consultancy

Backstopping & Project Management


Sustainable personnel planning

Intercultural Capacity

Integration into Labour Market

Strategy & Concept Development

We support different organisations and institutions in orienting their services and policy in the medium and long term with regard to core processes as well as subject-specific issues.

Our expertise lies in the core processes of developing Humanitarian Aid strategies as well as in the subject-specific development, adjustment or re-orientating country concepts and strategies world wide.

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The Evaluation enables one to take full advantage of ones and other past experience. Measuring impact and outcome through efficiency and effectiveness increases the prospects of success of your present and future programmes/projects and to prevent negative impact. DAREconsulting has developed its own evaluation framework tailored to your and the programme/project needs and offers a set of lessons learned from different working areas.

DAREconsulting carries out or accompanies all kind of evaluations and situation reports, develops realistic instruments and systems for monitoring and evaluation that deliver the best results for a particular case and situation. We take into account the standards of SEVAL (Swiss Evaluation Society) and use the OECD DAC criteria.

Emergency Care

DAREconsulting actively contributes to the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and through the halving of road accident victims by improving health and emergency care. Because in most countries, especially the global South, there are no emergency numbers or a functioning ambulance services. But even in industrialized countries, the modern rescue service as a public service reaches the limits of its performance, due to increasing demands of a growing and aging population in the absence of social recognition and missing professionals.

DAREconsulting therefore stands for a Digital Alerting of responders through Beacon, a text message-based emergency dispatcher software deployed for emergency responders, e.g. operate as first responders as well as for municipalities, in the context of their public obligations. Their need innovating additional mechanisms for alerting and coordinating (volunteer) emergency responders is rising.

Wherever rescue services reach the limits of their capabilities, such as adhering to statutory assistance periods or mobilizing volunteers to reduce a therapy-free interval in the event of an emergency, Beacon can assist you with self-directed mobilization of first responders using a mobile app.

Beacon also provides the ultimate solution for countries where there is no emergency medical service or whose capacity is insufficient to provide the population with medical care or transport to a medical facility. By incorporating e.g. community first responders Beacon can support along the rescue chain a response to an emergency or a special event, such as after a natural disaster or an outbreak.

DAREconsulting and Trekmedics help local communities and ambulance service providers to secure primary health care in their communities by mobilizing first responders. Volunteer fire brigades as well as volunteer first-aiders can be alerted and coordinated to provide first-aid in an emergency.

Further support is offered by DAREconsulting, for example:

  • Training and education
  • Advice on the implementation of locally adapted municipal rescue service systems
  • Development of curricula and support in setting up training institutes for preclinical and nursing care

Organisational Consultancy

DAREconsulting supports organisations in different stages of their development, in reform processes, re-organisations or re-establishments with individually matched consultancy services based on a whole set of methods and instruments of systematic organisational consultancy.

Additionally, DAREconsulting has effective instruments for organisations, which intend or are handling European Commission (ECHO) funds.

DARE consulting designs with you a  Quality Management Plan, which defines an acceptable level of quality  for your organisation and situation and describes how it will ensure  this level of quality in its deliverables and during each working  process. All QM processes / plans etc. ensure therefore:

a) Products are built to agree upon standards and requirements,

b) work processes are performed efficiently, time-saving, clear  structured, understandable for everybody and are simultaneously  documented,

c) non-conformance found is identified and appropriate corrective action taken and lessons learned drown.

Backstopping & Project Management

DAREconsulting has through its network experts in different special fields and supports you through technical consultancy and advisory opinions. Such special fields include the full circle of the project management and can either start with the strategic planning of the programme/project or during the implementation phase.

Thematically DAREconsulting covers different areas:

  • Reconstruction & rehabilitation in Humanitarian Aid programme
  • Livelihood & WASH in Humanitarian Aid programme
  • Education and tailor made management training for different management processes & tools, such as PCM, QM,
  • Integrate conflict sensitivity and conduction of evaluation.

Additionally, DAREconsulting delivers high quality and broad experience in the field of project planning and implementation where we support you in realizing your programmes/projects.


DAREconsulting transfers its wide experience in Humanitarian Aid and Organisational consulting into practical and theoretical training concepts, which can be used from employees and experts of organisations and companies as well as persons and groups with special interests:

  • Preparation training for assignments abroad
  • Trainings for assessment-teams
  • HR Management & Diversity Training for International Employment
  • Intercultural sensibility & communication (ToT certified by BBK)
  • Training for better integration of refugees and migration applicants and for peacebuilding in programme/project design
  • Development and implementation of Train-of-Trainer concepts

Finding & sustainable keeping skilled workers

Immigration of skilled workers is a topic of ever-increasing importance for many companies in all sectors. However, there is still a great deal of uncertainty surrounding the topics of recruiting, hiring and retaining international skilled workers, e.g. about legal issues or funding opportunities or the design of culturally sensitive induction processes. Moreover, due to good order books, many companies are hardly able to close these knowledge gaps on their own. In response to these needs, we have been providing advisory support as a contact partner with our service offer for SMEs since January 2019.

Service offer:

  • Advice on residence & labour market access for Ukrainian refugees and companies
  • Advice on all questions relating to the employment of international skilled workers: entry, residence, German at the workplace, funding opportunities.
  • Consideration of the new rules and amendments of the Skilled Workers Immigration Act, incl. contacts to the necessary contact persons
  • Further training on intercultural competence, communication & conflict management
  • Organisational development on diversity and induction management
  • Input on specific topics related to the Skilled Workers Immigration Act and its amendments

Intercultural Capacity

Culture differences can block productive work of companies, organisation and associations – or much more can enrich and advance the work. Therefore, diversity management guided by employees, management and the teams can enable successful working conditions.

DAREconsulting supports you in accessing and achieving successful diversity management through:

  • Individual tailored Intercultural Training
  • Intercultural awareness and communication Training (ToT certified)
  • Intercultural organisation development and HR-Management

Integration into Labour Market

Integration into the labour market for people with migration- and flight background “is not a sprint but a long distant run”. Many challenges, such as language gaps, intercultural misunderstandings, prejudices und unrealistic expectations from both sides must be tackled, to enable a successful and sustainable integration into the labour market.

DAREconsulting supports you holistically through this process:

  • Consultation & Coaching in all major subjects of the integration process
  • Intercultural organisation development and HR-Management
  • Tailored trainings in the area of intercultural openness, communication and conflict management