Your Benefit

no application stress

one profile, short CV, countless offers!

skills count

your acquired skills count and not cover letters, certificates and only the CV


age, origin and name does not matter

talent matching

companies find suitable talents, worldwide!

no time-consuming advertising

define the position briefly with the desired skills/abilities, find countless suitable talents!

digital matching process

skillook matches only candidates that fit the desired skills/abilities exactly

talent matching & contact

receive personal data of matched talents and contact them immediately

sustainable employer branding

fair recruiting with a non-discriminatory tool

skillook takes the job search to a new level.

skillook offers companies the direct search for suitable employees and an alternative to job advertisements through its platform of the key-lock principle. skillook offers candidates an opportunity to present themselves with their existing skills.

free registration!

how it works

1. What does skillook want

To digitize the search for employment worldwide, which talent skills create a “perfect match” and thus save time, money and nerves of recruiting personal and searching talents. It often turns out that searching through job market platforms and the conventional application documents is tough, time-consuming and not very promising task – skillook helps. With our digital job-matching platform, we focus on the necessary skills rather than purely technical qualifications. So skillook gets the job done.

2. job-matching platform

With just a few clicks you can easily select the available or desired professional and social skills. Either via the desired job, job title or by adding specific skills. It doesn’t matter which degree was completed, whether there is a lot or little work experience. Age, origin or name does not matter. There is a suitable job for every searcher and for every company there is a matching employee.

3. How to match


The intelligent matching procedure (algorithm) works accurately and reliably and finds exactly the right candidates for you, the job that suits you. On the personal profile page, name, picture, short CV and master data are clearly arranged - so that matches can be easily called up and selected.

Time saving

Skip the time-consuming publishing of job advertisements. Select the desired skills of your future employee and receive candidates that fit perfectly.
And the candidates put together once the acquired skills and can be found without a time-consuming letter of application, personality analysis and registration on different job portals.


Our algorithm uses the key-lock principle to search for suitable candidates and jobs on the basis of professional and social skills and thus shows you who is right for you and the job.